What's Tantra or Tantric Massage?

Im a qualified Tantra Masseuse, with 2 certificates.
Tantra involves massaging and stimulating a person’s full body, including genitalia, spreading the sexual energy around the body, with lots of teasing. Some forms of tantric “massage” includes the yoni massage (focused on the vulva), the lingam massage (focused on the penis), and massaging the sacred spot (aka the prostate) – * prostate massage is an extra.

People can orgasm during a tantra massage, though it’s not the goal. Tantric massage is more about leaning into pleasure, the focus is making you have lots of pleasure while trying to hold for as long as possible your ejaculation so when you do it’ll be a big explosion..I call it a good torture 🙂

Tantra can also help you:

– Helps to release emotional and physical blockages
– Connect you spiritually with the person
– Helps you to learn to control your ejaculation
– Helps you to feel more relaxed and energised
– Helps with pre mature ejaculations
– Holistic experience
– Feel blissful
– Suitable for those who had their prostate removed.

Does Lana see special needs or disabled clients?

Yes, Lana enjoys the company of all men and doesn’t discriminate anyone, as long as they’re respectful and have manners. In fact, in all these years Lana has spent time with many disable/clients with special needs. Lana is familiar with their requirements and needs and is always happy to accommodate them.

Are deposits refundable?

A 50% refund is given when the booking is cancelled within 7 days prior our meeting.

How do I make a booking?

Firstly start with a polite message. Introduce yourself, be specific about your needs and requests, specify the service you’re interested and let Lana know if its an incall or outcall.

Lana likes simplicity, to keep things clear and straightforward. Hence the introduction message above is important as it’ll avoid useless back and forth messages and time wasting. When things start getting too complicated Lana will end the interaction.

Lana is a professional service provider so address to her using her name. Name calling like babe, hun, mate, love will be not tolerated. Remind you all that this is a pure business transaction and these terms won’t be accepted.