Lana is very strict with the booking etiquette as it will tell her the sort of clientele you’re and if she’ll feel comfortable seeing you or not. The first impression is the one that counts the most, so make sure you’re polite and write a simple short introduction like the one below:

Good morning/afternoon/evening

My name is (your name)
I’d like to see you (date and time) for (incall or outcall) (service interested and how long for) in (city you’re in).

All clients are expected to be clean and with a fresh breath before the booking starts. Lana will have the right to decline customers who aren’t complying with it and those who might put her health at risk.
A refund of the booking won’t be provided if any of these situations occur.

If you’re going to be late please have the courtesy to let Lana know.
Clients who are more than 15mins late will have their bookings shortened by the amount of time left and Lana will have the right to decline any demand for a discount or a refund in this case.